GMA3 Taping at Flickerwood

Awesome day. I arrived at Flickerwood a little after 9:00 to find the GMA3 camera crew there setting up. I set up my little station with my amp, mic, and telephone mic on top of my road case which carries everything. After a half an hour or so, they started with the interview. It lasted quite a while and we had to pause occasionally to let audience members in. Originally I was nervous to play my song, having not played live in a while, fearing I would flub my lyric or be pitchy. The crew's producer assured me I could play the song as many times as I needed.

In the end I only had to play You Are Not Alone twice. Then I played Reclaim Your Power. The crowd, my invited friends and family were enthusiastic (of course) and played along very well and sang when I wanted them to. That doesn't always happen, I assure you. Some friends and relatives were interviewed about what my music means to them. The whole experience was a glimmer of hope for the future between my father's death and funeral. 

No word yet when the segment will air, but the contracted crew said it would be as early as the 12th of January.

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